Super talented photographer and filmmaker @deanbradshaw and @birdsnakes spent a few days in Portugal.

@pitchkelly, @inesfmata and I joined  them for a day. I leave you with a few great photos Dean took.







by @weareallbornexplorers



Coolnvintage Trucker


Since @isabellahandel stopped by to check out the new coolnvintage cap I figured I was not gonna let her go without taking a few snaps of her with the cap and a beautiful Pastel Green Series III we just completed last week (now living large in Paris).

Here they are






by @weareallbornexplorers





To kick off 2018 in style we drove down to the Sahara Desert with our friend and amazing photographer @sinuhexavier.

The result are these amazing photos from @sinuhexavuer and a  an unforgettable good time.



Tokyo Night Drive

Shotaro Ohki @leicalogy is a cool interior designer from Tokyo. We know each other from Instagram as I absolutely love his Mini.

He lives in Tokyo’s city centre and is known for his high speed night drives. Now and then he drives out to Mt Fuji. He always carries his beautifully brassed Leica M8.2 with him.

As I was in Tokyo for a few days I decided to give him a ring, Oh what a sweet ride!





by @weareallbornexplorers




Check out @materia_bikes, they do some of the most impressive bikes we've ever seen, the detail is unbelievable.

They sent us this T.Alsbergs special edition and we absolutely love it.






DSC_1224 ©



Before we shipped this one to LA I really wanted to do a few special snaps we could print . The amazing @inesfmata joined us for a special afternoon just out of Lisbon in this stunning white little desert.








by @weareallbornexplorers





Sometimes I just need to shoot film. Some people like @sofibastos_ look their best on film.

A day off driving on some dirt roads south of Lisbon. The day ended at the  Cinema S. Jorge for the SAL surf film festival by @ricardogoncalves_eu where we had a few beers with @fcipriano, the cool guy behind the book Portugal Surf Guide.





by @weareallbornexplorers




A day spent exploring the Serra da Arrábida with @ahmat and @didie7.









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One of the best views in town is the Four Seasons Ritz, if not the best.

After a long night out we decided to have breakfast at the Ritz and @euricoromaguera wanted to go watch the sun come up on the beach so we drove the bitter chocolate D90 fully convertible in a cold December morning to the beach. 







by @weareallbornexplorers




A collection of images from a weekend driving to the north of Portugal. 










petrolified x coolnvintage

A huge thanks to @amieiramarina for letting us shoot the amazing @petrolified x @coolnvintage print in the most incredible location we know in Portugal.

We spent the most amazing days exploring the Alqueva dam with the super sweet @franciscafcabral and ended up doing some apparel shots as well.

Highly recommend the Alqueva area and if you have the opportunity rent either the floating house or a house boat from @amieiramarina I guarantee you it's worth it.





by @weareallbornexplorers



our next artwork

We invited the super talented @vascocosta to hand paint one of our next project's chassis.

The city of Lisbon is the theme.

This is one of the very first Defenders built (1983) and it is a rare 2 door 110 V8.

We can't wait to see this one finished.







eurico roma guera

Surftrippin with @euricoromaguera for some epic days along Ericeira`s World Surfing Reserve was a special experience... He is not a surf boy but he surfs like no other, he is not a dancer but he dances with the sea, he is not an artist but... Well, maybe that`s what he really is... Art in movement with every kind and size of waves. See him gliding on his longboard, twin fin or single fin and tell me that`s not what you think about: the art of surfing!

This guy really travels with a existentially anguished poem in between his surfboards, his wetsuits and his unique pair of shoes.




by Zé Pedro Alvarez



old school, portugal road trip

Stefan Bogner from @curvesmagazine is a long time fan of Portugal. He was planning to do the northern coast of Portugal and Douro region for some time. We gave him the keys to one of the Land Rovers and off he went on an old school family road trip. These are some of his photos.










Drawing dreams, making you dream

A life with time to enjoy the sea, gliding waves or just taking long walks with your dog by the beach. Enjoying every and any sunset and drawing what feels right. That's what @lizzyartwork has been doing for a lifetime. No pressures. Because you never know for how long you can enjoy another wave, another walk, another sunset.

Lisa lives in Peniche and is truly a free spirit!

Amazing work, take a look:





by Zé Pedro Alvarez



beers and tacos

After touring Portugal for a week on BMW motorcycles, @deanbradshaw and @birdsnakes had a Friday 13th afternoon/evening to get to know Lisbon.

@pitchkelly, @inesfmata and I took @birdsnakes for a decent shave @figarosbarbershoplisboa and after that we went to Lx Factory for some beers and tacos.

I think the guys had some fun and boarded the plane in the morning with a bit of a headache!





by @weareallbornexplorers



watching the sun come up

We spent an amazing few days in Alqueva, Évora, Portugal with our good friend @fcipriano (he wrote the Portugal Surf Guide).

The floating house that @amieiramarina made available for us was just incredible.

Watching the sun come up from the house was one of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences ever.






by @weareallbornexplorers