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Land Rover Defender Art Car

Lisbon-based Cool And Vintage have a knack for creating some of the most gorgeous custom Land Rover Defenders that one can find in the world. Their combination of simplicity, tasteful choice of materials and a penchant for creativity has made them famous all around the world. Now, once again, the Lisbon-based builder has put all these qualities together to create yet another bespoke build they call the Art Defender. But here, the artistry comes alive in a very special way.

It starts with a 1983 Land Rover Defender, one of the very first to roll off the assembly line as the successor to the iconic Series III. The first generation Defender gets a subtle Matte Medium Grey paintwork, and this is for a reason. What this does is highlight the beautiful artwork that lays beneath the body, peeking subtly from underneath the Defender. This contrasting, colourful chassis that has been hand-painted by local artist Vasco Costa represents Lisbon.

1983 Land Rover Series III gets restored in Tangerine Orange

Making old Land Rovers swanky is become something that we are quite accustomed to about Lisbon-based COOL & VINTAGE. This time around Ricardo and his team had taken up the challenge to restore an old, rare 1983 Land Rover Series 3 Stage One V8. This 4.0-litre eight cylinder behemoth was in quite bad shape when it was brought to the workshop, but as you can see from the photos below, the old-school off-roader has been given a fresh breath of life in Tangerine, ready to take on any sandy beach of the world.

A vintage Land Rover Defender perfect to forget Monday blues

Its second nature nowadays that whenever we see a beautifully restored Land Rover Defender, we have to assume that it is from the house of COOL & VINTAGE. This time around, the restoration workshop from Portugal came together with Amieira Marina who has created stunning floating houses in Alqueva, Évora, Portugal and Francisco, model and author of Portugal Surf Guide to present their latest Defender build in the middle of the most epic, awe-striking scenery one could ever imagine. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself below in the short video followed by a bunch of photos.

Restored Land Rover Defender is perfect for playtime

Seriously, no one lives the Land Rover lifestyle better than the guys at Cool & Vintage. We’ve spoken about them before HERE, HERE and HERE, and yet, there’s no getting enough of their Land Rover Defenders builds that come out of their AWESOME WORKSHOP. For C&V, it all comes down to creating the highest quality restorations, that while mainly are Land Rover Defenders, OTHER COOL CARS do creep in every now and then.

While these guys are hellbent on making an SUV that almost always tempts you towards the beach, or a martini under the shade, it’s never the case that their restorations are not proportionately functional. This means that at any day, one could find a change in mood fitting and head out towards more strenuous terrain and the C&V Land Roverswill hold their might. With this new build, there’s still nothing that’s changed.

Military to mojitos - 2002 Land Rover Defender

The guys at COOL & VINTAGE from Montijo, Portugal understand classic cars and their appeal perfectly like no other. Their restorations are gleamy clean and highly desirable; something that only increases once you have a look at the way they present them. Thanks to Ricardo, co-founder at Cool & Vintage, we recently were able to get a TOUR OF THEIR GORGEOUS WORKSHOP thats scattered with gorgeous period-correct automobilia and some tasty cars prepared. In the feature, an astute observer might notice an incredible lineup of Land Rover Defenders in one of the photos, under wraps and ready to be delivered. This here is one of those gorgeous builds that has now made it out to the cool sandy beaches of Montijo, Portugal.

The coolest classic car workshop in the world!

Workshops can be unassumingly boring for everyone but the wrenchmonkeys. They are often filled with oily floors, greasy automobile parts and tools that make uncomfortable teeth-chattering noises that resonate across the empty spaces. But in Montijo, Portugal there is one workshop that has a completely different approach to classic car restoration where they create their own vibe around of automotive culture and lifestyle.

Their style of living and soaking sun at the sunny beaches of Lisbon are easy to envy. Perhaps that’s an emotion they love inducing, or perhaps it’s a visual cue to how classic Land Rover, Mini and Porsche cars are actually supposed to be enjoyed. If you are still second guessing who we are talking about then you really haven’t been a part of the classic car lifestyle for long. We are ofcourse talking about the unmissable cool classic car workshop that’s constantly and exclusively being delivered by the guys at Cool & Vintage.


Honey, lets hit the coast in a Vintage Land Rover

"This Vintage Land Rover will make you want to head out in search of the perfect coastline in exquisite form.

Nothing is as synonymous with Off-Roading as Land Rovers, the company has been pioneering in building Off-Road machines for as more than half a century. The brand Land Rover was in fact so brilliant in building these incredible go-anywhere machines that it was granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI in the year 1951. The iconic British brand has ever since captured the hearts of all Off-Roading enthusiasts."



Land Rover Defender on Mars

"If there were ever a question of settling down on Mars, what would be your vehicle of choice ? Ceertainly not a Porsche 911 GT3 RS considering that there won’t be great lot of roads to drive around. The best kind of vehicle really is something that is versatile over rough and harsh terrain like Mars has to offer. Whats the vehicle that fits this description perfectly ? A Land Rover Defender of course.”



Restored in orange

"There is no more point talking about the Land Rover Series 1, 2 or even the Defender in what it is capable of. Born purely as utility vehicles, they are bare, functional minimalism at their best that are capable of straddling the mightiest challenges. So the best way to soak in the beauty of a well-restored Land Rover Series 2A, like this one here is to sit back and admire its contrasting orange paint scheme while marvelling at its bulbous yet flowing curves."



Might Defender - This sand Land Rover Series 3 is mesmerizing

"Nothing in this world can truly be compared to the absolute cool quotient of a properly maintained land Rover from the olden times, and we are pretty sure that the Land Rover is by far among the most iconic automobiles that have ever been created. Ask us what we would truly like to in our lives, chances are, driving across the length and breadth of this third rock from the sun in a proper vintage Land Rover Defender would be high up in our list of dreams."



Of horses, damsels and the guardian

"Capturing the timeless beauty of a classic car requires a fitting setting, a place and a moment that helps in advocating the importance of a classic in modern times and the fact that these gorgeous examples of the times gone by deserve to be outside in open where they belong and not in immaculate garages away from their true nature. The fabulous people at Cool & Vintage, a classic car dealership based out of Lisbon know exactly what their collection of cars deserve and what their true calling is, and they create mesmerising photographic content to showcase the soul of their cars."



Blissfully enigmatic

"What if you could pause time? What would you do if you were to witness a pristine Land Rover Series III Pick Up Truck parked in a corner of a basement? If you are anything like us, you would want to have that power that could halt the endless race of time, even if just for a few moments and stand looking in awe at one of the most beautiful cars ever designed and marvel upon every inch of detail the iconic Land Rover Series III had in bucket loads."



The coolest hot girl with her cafe racer on a date with a classic Defender

"Classic Land Rover + Girl + Custom Cafe Racer = Awesomeness

Heritage and tradition apart, the whole selling point behind a classic car is its factor of cool. The classic car takes one back to their hayday, to a time when it was the symbol of style adorned by individuals with a sense of style. And no one understand this better than the blokes over at Cool & Vintage, a Lisbon-based classic car dealership who create gorgeous content in photography and video of the vehicles that they have on display. Their idea is simple, bringing the essence of the classic to the foreground and combining it with a distinction of glamour, as we see here in this photo set."