We feel we really achieved aesthetic perfection with this one.

Finished in Light Matte Yellow with custom hand made water and UV resistant seats in Dice and Onyx, this Rover is the ultimate beach runner.

In our rugged trim you don't have to worry about salty water or sand on the cabin.

It has a especially made coolnvintage high quality black mohair hood, heavy duty wheels and 5 brand new BF Goodrich Mud tires as well as Military style windows.

This Rover was previously owned by the Portuguese TV Broadcast Company (RTP).

It was unrestored, highly original, unwelded and rust free when we first bought it.

We stripped it down to to bare chassis and every detail was carefully checked, restored or replaced when reassembled.

It only has 19.000 Miles | 32.000 Km from new.

It still has the original engine and gearbox.


Do you have the Adventure Gene?

Go Explore !


Year: 1982

Fuel Type: Diesel

Price on Request