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2013 Land Rover D90 Pickup by Coolnvintage

“Cool & Vintage are one of Lisbon’s definitive vehicle customization companies, delivering a steady stream of heritage classics that seem to get better with age. And while their most recent project might not be their most “underutilized” vehicle to date, the 2013 Land Rover D90 certainly boasts a character all its own.

The D90 in question is truly one-of-a-kind — outfitted with Bespoke Cognac Connolly leather trim and a handsome utilitarian Keswick Green colorway, the iconic Defender has taken a different stance on what it means to represent the Land Rover name. Utilized as a shop truck for most of its life, Cool & Vintage’s diesel D90 omits the platform’s original rear shell and transitions swimmingly into a rugged, nostalgic pickup. It’s been outfitted with a Marshall wireless sound system and an updated A/C unit to provide the creature-comforts of modern-day vehicles (albeit, with a little more “oomph”), and comes complete with all of the well-designed principles you’d expect from the brand. The off-road-ready Defender has been listed for sale on Cool & Vintage’s website — but if you’re looking for an exact price, you’re going to have to inquire directly.”

1983 Land Rover Defender ‘Petrol V8’ by CoolnVintage

“Land Rover broke the mold with a number of their ostentatious designs, but few are as iconic as the 1980s Defender. Using the classic 4×4 platformas the starting point for their most recent build, Cool & Vintage has prepared a handsome off-road transport in the form of the 1983 Petrol V8 — a dark, intimidating overlander that blurs the lines between form and function.

Aside from the vehicle’s beautifully crafted, custom deep piano black exterior, the company has opted to redress the Land Rover’s already impeccable interior with Bespoke Black Connolly leather trim, a Marshall wireless sound system, and a cleanly-defined design layout — bringing the traditional cockpit into a simplified, modern realm. The vehicle looks right at home among the mountainous regions of Portugal and reveals an expansive rear section thanks to a unique, roll-up canvas siding. Now, the off-road Rover is looking for a brand new owner. If you’re interested in picking up the rugged black beast, head on over to Cool & Vintage’s website for more information.”

1983 Land Rover Defender 110 ‘Build N77’ by CoolNVintage

“Portugal-based CoolNVintage has proven time and time again they’ve got an eye for renovating, updating, and restoring vintage Land Rovers to a beautiful road-ready condition. This time, however, they may have outdone themselves with a special Defender 110 project they’re calling the Build N77 Art Defender.

In collaboration with Lisbon-based artist Vasco Costa, this magnificent 4×4 took three months and a whopping 2,000 man hours to create. That includes its custom hand-painted frame, done up in bright and beautiful colors and graphics reminiscent of the works of Alexander Calder and Keith Haring — beautifully set against the gray body atop it. But she’s not just gorgeous, as that’s not the customizer’s style. She’s also a fully-functional off-roader powered by a V8 engine and complete with a FOX suspension, BF Goodrich tires, air conditioning, and a marvelous Marshall speaker integrated into the center console. CoolNVintage have truly outdone themselves this time.”

1988 Land Rover Defender ‘Build N62’ By Coolnvintage

“With all the exceptional customizing firms that restore and modify classic vehicles out there, it can be very difficult for a brand to stand out from the pack. But if anyone does, it’s Lisbon-based Coolnvintage, who have managed to drop our jaws yet again with their 1988 Land Rover Defender ‘Build N62.’

Immaculately done up in gorgeous ‘Grasmere Green’ paint with a stunning bespoke tan leather interior (with matching trim) and a matching black-and-tan soft top, it’s hard to believe this isn’t a brand-spanking-new 4×4. And we can only imagine the 300Tdi turbodiesel engine under the hood is equally as well-cared-for and ready to hit the road on any adventure. The best part of all, however, is that it’s available for sale in Los Angeles with Montana plates. That’s right — she’s registered in the United States and waiting for an exceptionally lucky buyer. Reach out to Coolnvintage for pricing information.”

Land Rover Series 3 ‘Tangerine Dream’

“Of course, we all love a good barn find. But, you know what’s better than finding a decrepit old vehicle in a rundown shack? Seeing that same vehicle after it has been restored and revived — especially when it’s done as expertly as this 1983 Land Rover Series 3 by Cool & Vintage.

When the Portuguese brand got their hands on this classic SUV, it was in ghastly condition, with its front end completely destroyed and the roof stuffed haphazardly into the bed. Luckily, they brought it back to life in exquisite fashion — leaving none of the damage apparent. As you can clearly see, they’ve given her a new and beautiful tangerine orange paint job, which fits perfectly with the blacked-out soft top and matching leather upholstery. The biggest and best surprise, however, is that they dropped a beefy V8 under the hood to keep her going for years to come. Once again, excellent work, C&V.”

1979 Land Rover Defender Series 3 ‘Blacked Out’

“Portugal is undoubtedly the European surf capital, thanks to its legendary Atlantic Ocean shores. It’s also from where classic vehicle customizers Cool N Vintage hail. And that makes them uniquely equipped to built a superb beach-going SUV, like this drop-dead gorgeous 1979 Land Rover Series 3 Defender.

Done up in matte black from tip to tail, this old-school ride is a head-turner to be sure. And that all-black theme extends to the redone vinyl interior, as well as the safari-style soft top. And while the exterior is certainly noteworthy, everything under the facade has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb, as well. Including its 2250 diesel engine, the whole rig went through a comprehensive restoration within the last decade. Best part is, you can probably put her in your garage, so long as you reach out to Cool N Vintage to inquire.”

1979 Land Rover Series III

“The Land Rover is the quintessential adventure wagon. CoolnVintage is on the cutting edge of the trend toward revamped adventure vehicles, and they’ve demonstrated it with their captivating customization of a 1979 Land Rover Series III.

Today, we’re experiencing a Renaissance of Overlanders and adventure vehicles of all kinds. Trends like #vanlife and a newfound desire to explore the unknown on four wheels has elevated the popularity of explorative vehicles like Jeeps, Ford Broncos and, of course, Land Rovers. Powered by a 2250 Diesel engine, this Land Rover becomes a wild horse, capable of toughing the most treacherous territories. Blacked out in vinyl, and blacked-in with a custom leather interior, the Land Rover Series III is a matte beauty. An EU style soft top allows you to open it up, to truly become immersed in the environs in which you unleash this beast.”

Land Rover Defender ‘Back in Black’

“Black is the one colorway, at least in our opinion, that has never and will never go out of style. Much like the Land Rover Defender – utilizing a classic silhouette for future iterations – black is something that plays well with others and adds a bit of a mysterious element to the product at hand.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Defender specialists over at Cool & Vintage decided to pair the two together in their latest build. Looking clean and luxurious yet aggressive in nature, their solid custom black paint job – three coats worth mind you – in conjunction with a bespoke cognac leather interior breathes new life into this 2010 model. Additionally, this ride is complemented with a high-quality dark brown mohair soft top, heavy duty wheels, and 5 BF Goodrich Mid tires for those off-road weekend excursions.”


Land Rover Defender beach runner

"Living a life of rustic simplicity is unfortunately hard to come by these day thanks to the contemporary need to remain connected at all times. A decent halfway point, however, is to own a vehicle that potentially speaks to this minimalist mindset. Cue the Cool & Vintage workshop, masterminds of their craft, who were able to build out the perfect beach running adventure-mobile by simply removing all unnecessary excess.

At its core, this handsome aquatic-influenced light blue beauty is indeed a coveted Land Rover Defender. However, the fine folk over at Cool & Vintage managed to strip the ride down to the bare chassis to help lighten the load and make things as straightforward as possible. Now, rugged interiors make a little bit of sand and water easy to deal with, while UV resistant seats in Dice and Onyx prevent any unwanted burns from the late afternoon sun."


Land Rover Defender D90 keswick green

“It would appear that hit after hit keeps rolling out of the Cool & Vintage workshop – proof once again with their new Land Rover Defender D90 in Keswick Green. Looking like a military-inspired safari vehicle, this fully restored 2008 D90 boasts the perfect color scheme to complement any backcountry adventure.

After hours upon hours of diligent mechanical work and touching up the interior, the finished cream upholstery and canvas top now add a touch of luxury to the ride’s meaty Puma engine and brand new BF Goodrich Mud tires to keep the traction going when those off road trails get slick during the rainy season. From the remote beaches to the mountainous terrain, this restoration is once again evidence of Land Rover’s timeless appeal and Cool & Vintage’s talent and vision in the world of bespoke aftermarket projects.”


Land Rover Defender D90 “Retro vibes”

"So frequently we see that custom car builders and restoration specialists can be pretty overzealous with their projects. We believe, however, that sometimes a truly keen eye and skillful hands instead require restraint. That’s the case with this 1996 Land Rover Defender D90 ‘Retro Vibes’ from the folks at Cool And Vintage.

If you’re familiar with this custom workshop, you already know they are famous for doing some exceedingly good frame-off restorations. But they also know when to stay their hand. So when they came across this very clean D90, rather than rebuilding it from the ground up, they just added a few upgrades here and there – namely turning it into a soft top and giving it an ’80s retro striped paint scheme – and turned it into a shop car. Now whenever the mood strikes or the surf is too good to pass up, the guys at this Lisbon-based shop can hop into this vintage ride and head down to the shore."



Land Rover D90 Graystorm

"It’s no secret we’re fans of the Land Rover D90, as is the talented team over at the Cool & Vintage workshop. From roughing it out in the wilderness to chasing that incoming swell up the coastline to simply spending some quality time behind the wheel of a Td5 diesel engine that means business, the allure of the D90 remains tried and true to this day.

So when Cool & Vintage dropped their newest build – based on a 2002 model, outfitted with a set of BF Goodrich Mud Tires and adorned in a black and nardo gray military-inspired color scheme – we once again fell in love with the project. Both unassuming and tactical, this adventure-mobile also boasts a black mohair soft top, roll cage and a spare BF Goodrich tire in case the terrain gets hectic at times. The ideal Baja commuter, desert tracker, backwoods camper and weekend warrior, Land Rover had things figured out decades ago. Glad that we can still appreciate these rides today."



Land Rover 109 beach runner

"Imagine jetting down the flat sand on a foreign beach, looking for that perfect peak to catch a surf session or ideal beach camping spot before nightfall. Well as dreamy as this scenario may sound, it’s a relevant possibility thanks to a little help from our friends over at Cool & Vintage.

Their latest project, this AA Yellow D90, has beach getaway written all over it. Serving as yet another testament to the talent this vintage workshop has up its sleeve, this beach runner is outfitted for both an off-roading experience and complete reckless abandonment from life’s menial stresses. The ’94 Defender now hosts a rugged trim to prevent any sand or water from entering the cabin, a complete set of water and UV resistant Dice and Onyx seats, a NAS style cage, and now rolls atop a complete set of brand new BF Goodrich Mud tires. Outfitted for the adventurous types and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a bit of the unknown in their weekend plans."



Land Rover 109 beach runner

"Glimpses of summer are peaking through the day in at least some parts of the country. We’re not there yet, but these small tastes are more than enough to fuel daydreams about riding out onto the beach and wasting away long days doing a whole lot of nothing. This vehicle from Cool & Vintage, the Land Rover 109 Beach Runner, is built to do just that.

This truck was originally sourced from the Portuguese TV Broadcast company where it had been in use since it was bought in the early 1980s. With only 19,000 miles on it, all of the parts were original and it had been untampered with – including the engine and gearbox – so the auto shop jumped at the opportunity to grab it up. Once they did, they proceeded to completely strip the vehicle down and rebuild it piece by piece, restoring parts that had failed and cleaning those that were still in working condition. In addition to putting it all back together, the Portuguese Land Rover specialists gave it a light matte yellow paint, water and UV resistant seats, as well as a tough trim that was built to take salty water and sandy feet."



Land Rover D90 heritage surf truck

"Forget the contemporary pickup truck or tricked out SUV complete with lightbars and tow winches, it’s time to get back in touch with the roots of surfing. The basics that is. Where soul searching trumped tour status, and minimalist surf trucks were all you had to get where you needed to go.

Finished in a crisp Marine Blue Glasurit Paint, this 2009 Land Rover D90 got the Cool & Vintage treatment it deserved. Inside are Connolly leather Cognac Trim seats and with Beige Raffia Carpets to match. They also hooked the D90 up with 5 brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires on heavy duty wheels, 2 piece Series type doors, a Heritage grill and headlight surrounds. Naturally, it’s built for 4×4 exploration and with a 6-speed gearbox and 2400cc engine, there’s little in the way of impenetrable obstacles for this thing."



Land Rover D90 heritage

"Land Rovers and adventuring go hand-in-hand. Especially once the guys over at Cool & Vintage get their hands on one. They’ve been in the game now for some time, restoring old and funky automobiles for our enjoyment, and if you’re a frequent visitor to the site, then we’re sure this outfitter rings a bell. Well, they’re at it again, releasing a new creation to be coveted by those harnessing the spirit of adventure within them. It’s a 2003 Land Rover Defender 90, and quite frankly we’re in love."



1971 Land Rover Series 2A

"Based upon the looks of this Land Rover Series 2A, there’s little we need to say to convince you of its charm. Actually, such is the case with many of the restored vehicles the good folks over at Cool & Vintage work on day in and day out. And if you’re like us, blessed with a thirst for adventure, this 2A is certainly one for the fantasy books.

The model year in question here is 1971, finished in bright orange and boasting an engine displacement of 2285cc, a four-speed manual gearbox, and 4×4 capabilities. Cool & Vintage also hooked this restored Series 2A with a set of Wolf Wheels and some Mud BF Goodrich tires. Clearly, this 4×4 is best suited in an off-road environment."



1982 Land Rover Series 3 with camping trailer

"Land Rover is known for its beefy 4x4s, and even 30 years ago, they were making great vehicles for the adventure-types. Behold this 1982 Land Rover Series 3 (which comes with a camping trailer), a beautifully restored adventurer’s dream.

It uses a 5-speed, 2500cc TDI engine to traverse the landscape with ease, with the help of four-wheel drive, of course. It’s the original lifestyle vehicle, serving a number of different uses that can be tailored to the owner’s desire."



1972 Land Rover Series 3 Defender

"Mission accomplished. For years, we’ve spent countless hours perusing the web for the ultimate 4×4 vehicle and today I believe we can finally say we found such a vehicle. Feast your eyes upon this 1972 Land Rover Series 3 Defender, a four-speed, 4×4-dream of an off-road machine.

Rumor has it there are close to 1.5 million versions of this beloved vehicle out there, somewhere, in various states of decay. This version, however, has been completely restored over the course of the past few years and comes with a complete restoration dossier with photos and invoices to prove it."