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This Custom Land Rover Defender D90 Is Perfect for Summer Cruising

“After getting its hands on a 1994 Land Rover D90 Defender and turning it into the ultimate beach ride earlier this, the geniuses over at Cool & Vintage decided to rework another D90 monster — this time one from 2002.

At the customizer’s Portuguese workshop, the Land Rover was given a sleek black and grey paint job, alongside a brand new black hood, luxury upholstery and a full set of BF Goodrich mud tires on heavy duty wheels.



This Restored ’94 Land Rover Defender D90 Is the Ultimate Beach Cruiser

“If you’ve been dreaming of a beach getaway, this car is for you. Restoration master Cool & Vintage has turned its attention towards a sunny yellow Land Rover Defender D90 that is geared up for cruising down at the beach.

The upgraded 1994 Defender D90, christened the “Beach Runner,” now hosts a weather-ready trim to prevent any water or sand from entering the cabin, as well as water and UV-resistant Dice and Onyx seats, a NAS style cage, and a complete set of brand new BF Goodrich mud tires.

It’s set up for both on and off-road adventures, so it’s the perfect vehicle for wherever your weekend takes you."



This Land Rover D90 Is The Ultimate Surf Truck

“When it comes to surfing, Land Rover D90s go hand in hand with the sport. Cool & Vintage gave this 2009 Land Rover D90 a facelift which conjures images of driving off-road to the beach. It’s the kind of off-roader that is reminiscent of surf trucks of old and this variation does well to bring back the minimalism.

Finished in a crisp Marine Blue Glasurit Paint, the interior features Connolly leather Cognac Trim seats with Beige Raffia Carpets. Made for exploration, the 6-speed gearbox and 240cc engine is the perfect companion for thrill seekers. The D90 also comes with 5 new Goodyear Wrangler tires and 2 piece Series type doors.



This Restored Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage Is a Pure Vintage Monster

“Cool & Lovely has beautifully restored a 2003 Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage and the result is a vintage monster worthy of any car connoisseur’s garage.

On top of the painstaking mechanical work to get the 2500cc engine, five-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive system back up to scratch, the Portuguese custom shop also gave the car a stunning “Cappuccino” color scheme. Inside there’s plush beige raffia carpets and a “Connolly Brown” trim. A handmade premium quality mohair brown hood was added to keep you dry, as well as five brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires on heavy duty wheels to give you enough traction across all terrains.



Get Adventurous in the Vintage Land Rover Series III

“Adventure and exploration take a vintage turn with the restored Land Rover Series III that features an additional camping trailer. Originally made in 1982, the nostalgic vehicle has been given an automotive update kitted out in the specs of the Land Rover Defender TDi.

This latest model offers all the gear needed for a trip through nature, including power steering, TDi engine, four-disc brakes, a five-speed gearbox, and heavy-duty wheels. Not to mention, its camping trailer counterpart that keeps you fully equipped with a tent, cooking set and water can."