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Life looks better from the cockpit of a Land Rover convertible

”When we asked Cool & Vintage co-founder Ricardo Pessoa how his company picks the models they choose to work with, his response was clear and concise:

“We just imagine what we want next and we build it.”

In the case of this new Land Rover Defender build — codename “Brown” — it seems they wanted versatility. Using a 2011 model as a base, Cool & Vintage’s team of restoration experts set about building a maroon-and-tan Defender that’d run great on the beach, in the desert or on safari.”

The fficial Beachmobile of 2017 has arrived, y’all

“Memorial Day has been in the rearview mirror for almost a month now, but our pals over at Cool and Vintage are just busting out their summer whites: this 1996 Land Rover Defender D90 that got some TLC and a new paintjob befitting the summery beachmobile it was destined to become.

It’s no lie that the first thought that came into our minds upon seeing these photos was “Easy” by The Commodores.

Besides its natty new paint job, the main addition Cool And Vintage made was really a subtraction — they ripped off the roof and converted the 4×4 into a summer-ready soft-top model.”


Two models converged in a yellow Land Rover…

"Ask a 16-year-old boy what he wants to do for a living, and he probably won't respond, “rebuild vintage cars and then make movies of women in bikinis driving those cars.” Because no one, even a 16-year-old boy, is stupid enough to think that's a real job.

Psych, yes it is.

They're called Cool & Vintage, and when we chatted with them a few months ago, they  confirmed that they do, in fact, have the best job on earth, as described above. For their latest project, they took a '94 Land Rover D90 in iconic yellow, gave it a fresh, battle-ready trim, seats, tires, cage and mohair hood, hooked up with two lovely ladies from Voke swimwear, and then headed to the isle of Madeira for an impromptu photo/videoshoot.

Rough life.



We talked to a guy who takes pictures of models in vintage cars for a living

"In the era of Facegrams and Instachats and Snapbooks, it's easy to look at another man's life from afar and think, “Damn, he's got it all.”

That's the first impression we had — and everyone has, probably — when we learned about the classic auto enthusiasts at Cool & Vintage. For the unacquainted, their site is essentially an ode to vintage Land Rovers and Porsches filled with scantily clad models.

But it can't be all fun ‘n’ games, right? Life is life, and involves hardship and disappointment and bad weather and heartbreak. It can't all be paddleboarding on the beach with gorgeous women, traversing the wilderness with your pals and drifting slick through graffitied garages in ‘74 Ford Escort MK1s ... right?"



Adventuremobile may cause dry mouth, visions of camping

This Land Rover Series III has full Defender TDI status.

If looking at an SUV equipped with a 2500cc engine, five-speed transmission and ready-to-rock camping trailer gives you the sudden urge to drop everything and go full Kerouac — don’t worry. It happens to a lot of us.  

The beatific vision in question: a Land Rover Series III Adventuremobile that’s been retrofitted with full Defender TDI specs. The maker says one in four of the original Series III are still on the road, which is exactly where this one’s headed."



This Land Rover’s Still as pure as the day it was born

“Seats eight. Or two and a full quiver of surfboards.

You’ve got a spectrum of options in the vintage car market.

On one end, you have the likes of ICON 4X4, who keep the original chassis intact but add a ton of custom upgrades that make their builds a little more digital-age friendly.

On the other end, you have Cool & Vintage, who have just one objective in mind: to restore cars as faithfully as possible to the state at which they were originally manufactured. Their newest is this lovely Land Rover Series 3 circa 1979."