Build 81 - Last year Stig Edvardsen trusted us to restore his Series 3.

The weather was nice so we thought it would be a great idea to drive it from Oslo down to the workshop in Lisbon.

With the occasional beer stop here and there and a few days spent in Biarritz.

Stig’s choice of color is just on point!

The 500km shakedown is scheduled for next week. It’s been a while since we drove this one.


A minor noise in first gear takes us a step back and we decide to remove and disassemble the gearbox.

We find that one of the new parts fitted has a small defect. Now waiting for a part to reassemble the gearbox.

We drove a total of about 4000km.

The Land Rover barely made the journey.

It’s always amazing to look back and see the process and the story in photos.