Today, each one is valued around the world for its craftsmanship, rarity and ineffable beauty.

And included when you take delivery of one of our painstakingly, hand-crafted and restored beyond-original factory spec Land Rovers.

In these blankets -- as in our vehicles -- we see the same values of craftsmanship, permanence…

…and heritage.

A heritage of simplicity, purpose and beauty. Timelessness.

An object not only functional, but profoundly connected to a time and place – yet transcending both.

An object that inspires us to think, slow down, and revel…

…in the journey.

What is the Value of Heritage?

The bright colors and beautiful, rough-hewn quality of the Alentejo blankets stand in sharp contrast to the smooth, white washed walls of Monsaraz, Portugal where they are still made by hand.

As they have been for centuries.

They speak to a very different time, more in consonance with the rolling countryside and a way of life that required warmth and protection from the elements, so valued that they were often part of a bride’s trousseau.

A lifetime possession.