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Coolnvintage Restores a 1983 Land Rover in Tangerine Orange

“True to its name, Lisbon’s Coolnvintage (i.e. Cool & Vintage) brings cool, vintage Land Rovers back to life in brilliant fashion. Furthermore, the company goes to painstaking lengths to preserve the simplicity of each vehicle’s initial design, thereby eschewing superfluous features in favour of retro integrity. The latest masterpiece to emerge from the Coolnvintage workshop is a restored 1983 Land Rover Series 3 Stage One V8. Discovered in junkyard condition, the classic off-roader is now a shimmering tangerine dream come true.”

1983 Land Rover Petrol V8 Bespoke

A lot of people have jumped on the Land Rover Defender wagon. Customs of the iconic SUV are nearly everywhere. But sometimes quality is more important than quantity, and when it comes to customizing Defenders, Cool & Vintage does it right.

Their latest projects, a 1983 Land Rover Defender dubbed the “Petrol V8” demonstrates clearly why Cool & Vintage is still the trusted source for bespoke vehicles. The Petrol V8 first grabs your attention with a deep, piano black, custom paint job. The inside is equally as custom and eye-catching, with Black Connolly leather trim. A Marshall wireless sound system plays nicely with the revamped cockpit. Roll-up canvas siding gives an airy, spacious feel to the Defender.”

Bespoke 1983 Land Rover 110 V8 Hides a Masterpiece

“If you’re going to bring in a well-known artist like Lisbon-based Vasco Costa to do a custom paint job on your car, you’d think that you would provide him with the biggest canvas possible.

For their bespoke 1983 Land Rover 110 V8, CoolNVintage opted to have Costa paint the chassis. It’s an interesting choice (why have a custom paint job where no-one is going to see it?), but that’s kind of the point. You have to get up close and personal with the 110 to see the artwork—which means that you’ll find plenty more to fall in love with this car over.”

Cool and Vintage Resurrected a 1983 Land Rover Restoration

“Cool and Vintage’s latest project, a 1983 Land Rover Restoration, took a heap of scraps and turned it into a work of off-roading art. The Land Rover Series 3 SUV, a series first introduced in the 1970s, features a four-liter V8 diesel engine with several upgraded parts. It’s outfitted with a four-speed gearbox and has Wolf wheels. The SUV was in pretty rough condition when Cool and Vintage first got their hands on it.

The body was all there, with the entire front end being stacked in the bed of the back end. Cool and Vintage pieced the car back together, making sure that the lines were all straight and the body work done to their high specifications. A tangerine paint job was added, bringing the Land Rover back to its original custom color. The interior was dressed up in black, with black vinyl seats. The black mohair canvas hood was also added, and there are several updates to the interior, including a USB charging port.”

Night Falls with the Blacked-Out Series 3 Defender

“Cool & Vintage have met all your wish list items with their blacked-out Series 3 Defender. The 1979 Series 3 Defender received a full restoration, bringing it back to its glory days, but then blacking it all out in a style fitting such a tough truck. The Defender has a 2.5 liter 2250 diesel engine. The soft top is black canvas, and matches up nicely with the re-trimmed in black vinyl interior. The whole vehicle has been painted in matte black. To complete the blacked out look, all the chroming, including trim, was removed. The vehicle was fully restored between six to eight years ago. Cool & Vintage is listed it for a family member.”


Cool & Vintage Roll-Out Another Timeless Defender 90 Rebuild

"Cool & Vintage has rolled out another sweet custom-build, this time a restored 2002 Land Rover D90 that’s perfect for your next off-road or beach adventure.

Painstakingly restored piece-by-piece at the hands of a skilled team of engineers, the Defender was upgraded with water and UV resistant upholstery, a new soft top roof with roll-up covers and heavy duty BF Goodrich Mud tyres for a nice contrast of performance meets luxury. The Nardo Grey paintwork and black trim are incredibly sleek and much more subtle than some of Cool & Vintage’s previous builds.”



Looking for Adventure? This Cool Vintage Custom Land Rover 109 is the Answer

"1982. The Road Warrior hit cinema screens worldwide, the first artificial heart transplant was performed and Italy won the world cup in Spain. It’s also the year this particular Land Rover 109 rolled off the production line. Fast-track to 2017 and Cool Vintage restored the vehicle to its former glory and then some. This Rover was previously owned by the Portuguese TV Broadcast Company. It may have driven journalists to the scene of a grand heist or beautiful actresses to the sets of their soap operas. Honestly, we didn’t look into it. We focused on the truck.”



This Restored Defender 90 is a Classy Beast

"It’s said that three out of every four Land Rover’s built are still on the road today, which reveals a lot about the vehicle’s popularity and craftsmanship. It also means there are around 1.5 million previously loved Land Rovers is various states of vintage and decay. The dedicated team over at Cool Vintage took an iconic Land Rover Defender 90 from 2003, rebuilt and restored the vehicle to its former glory and then some. This particular Defender is finished in stunning Capuccino Glasurit paint with Connolly brown trim and beige Raffia carpets. A premium quality Mohair Brown Hood was handmade for this Defender. Plus it’s fitted with five brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires."