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Cool & Vintage Roll-Out Another Timeless Defender 90 Rebuild

"Cool & Vintage has rolled out another sweet custom-build, this time a restored 2002 Land Rover D90 that’s perfect for your next off-road or beach adventure.

Painstakingly restored piece-by-piece at the hands of a skilled team of engineers, the Defender was upgraded with water and UV resistant upholstery, a new soft top roof with roll-up covers and heavy duty BF Goodrich Mud tyres for a nice contrast of performance meets luxury. The Nardo Grey paintwork and black trim are incredibly sleek and much more subtle than some of Cool & Vintage’s previous builds.



Looking for Adventure? This Cool Vintage Custom Land Rover 109 is the Answer

"1982. The Road Warrior hit cinema screens worldwide, the first artificial heart transplant was performed and Italy won the world cup in Spain. It’s also the year this particular Land Rover 109 rolled off the production line. Fast-track to 2017 and Cool Vintage restored the vehicle to its former glory and then some. This Rover was previously owned by the Portuguese TV Broadcast Company. It may have driven journalists to the scene of a grand heist or beautiful actresses to the sets of their soap operas. Honestly, we didn’t look into it. We focused on the truck.



This Restored Defender 90 is a Classy Beast

"It’s said that three out of every four Land Rover’s built are still on the road today, which reveals a lot about the vehicle’s popularity and craftsmanship. It also means there are around 1.5 million previously loved Land Rovers is various states of vintage and decay. The dedicated team over at Cool Vintage took an iconic Land Rover Defender 90 from 2003, rebuilt and restored the vehicle to its former glory and then some. This particular Defender is finished in stunning Capuccino Glasurit paint with Connolly brown trim and beige Raffia carpets. A premium quality Mohair Brown Hood was handmade for this Defender. Plus it’s fitted with five brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires."