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"Since its introduction shortly after World War II, the Land Rover has become a cherished icon of British practicality and style.  Designed for both heavy work and casual driving, the Land Rover had originally been planned as a short-term production vehicle to get through the post-war rationing. It proved so popular, however, that it was soon outselling every other model vehicle available.

Restored Land Rovers have become very popular and coveted, and the beauty you see here is no exception.  A restomod of a 1982 model that was already in pristine condition (no rust, no welding), the Land Rover Series III LWB by Cool & Vintage ($ Inquire) has been stripped down to to bare chassis and had every detail carefully checked, restored or replaced when reassembled."




"When the Japanese military first found an old Bantam Mk II Jeep during the occupation of the Philippines in 1941 and sent it back home to be replicated, they didn’t realize they were beginning such a long-running tradition as the Toyota Land Cruiser Series has provided.  Since 1951 Toyota has been constantly improving on this signature series vehicle, creating one of the manliest, most rugged trucks out there (the company tests their Land Cruiser models in the Australian Outback so they will face nothing worse anywhere else in the world.)

The flawless 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser ($Inquire ) you see here is available to buy from our Portugal-based friends at Cool & Vintage.  Fully restored about 5 years ago, the Japanese 4×4 wears brand new BF Goodrich Mud Mk2 tires and is said to be in great overall shape, including the all-important horsepower delivered by the indestructible B series 3L Diesel engine."




"After creating the perfect old-school surfer’s caravan, the guys at Cool & Vintage are back with another gem of a vehicle.  Here’s their Mini Cooper Cafe Racer ($29,200) – a gnarly Mini, customized to be driven hard!

Based on a 1968 Morris Cooper, the cherry-red four seater packs a new 1300cc engine, new Cooper S brakes & black wheels, Yokohama tires, and a RC40 Exhaust & LCB Manifold for extra growl.  Handling should be superb on this little fella, thanks to the adjustable A-Rods with Gaz adjustable shocks, and the John Alley sway bar.  Other improvements include the addition of a high-performance aluminium radiator, a Smiths rev counter, a period-correct racing driver’s seat, a reverse spotlight and three more attached to the front bumper – for that 60´s Cafe Racer flair, and some racing stickers “just for the looks.”  The only question we have: The blond female in the pictures …does she come included with the car?"




"Going on a trip around Europe’s surf spots (Spain, France and Portugal are top-notch) never sounded better than traveling in this 1965 Opel Kadett Car-A-Van ($15,900).  Thoroughly restored, but showing some previous life signs on its bodywork, the cool caravan is perfect for the summer, and it’s worth every penny.

Regarded by many as a better vehicle than the VW Beetle, the Car-A-Van had a remarkably-engineered motor, so reliable that it stayed in production – in different forms – well into the ’90s. The car had also more passenger space & luggage capacity, improved visibility for the driver, and an effective heating.  This model here comes with a fully documented restoration, it had the engine, drivetrain, suspension, and brakes completely rebuilt.




"Produced between 1968 and 1975, the Ford Escort Mark 1 didn’t feature ground-breaking specs, but thanks to its lightweight construction and smart engineering, it went on to become a multiple winner in rally racing, including the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally.

This delicious 1974 Ford Escort MK1 ($Auction) you see here has been fitted with a 206hp Julian Godfrey Engineering modified 2 litre FIA racing engine, which should provide enough power to shoot Escort’s light weight (1,690 lbs) to neck-bending speeds.  Included in the long list of modifications there’s a reinforced body, fiberglass hood and trunk, laminated windshield and perspex windows, ZF 5 speed gearbox, Atlas rear axle, floating half shafts, Monte Carlo AP Brakes, hydraulic handbrake, adjustable braking, Bilstein coilovers, reinforced AP racing clutch, automatic extinguisher, 8×15 Wheels, and more." 




"The 1982 Land Rover Series 3 ($Inquire) you see here is hands-down the ultimate adventure vehicle.  It is fully equipped with everything you need to explore and survive live like a king in the wilderness. Fully restored and ready for off-road use, this Landy packs a Defender 2.5 litre diesel Tdi, with a 5 speed transmission, power steering assembly, 4 disk brakes, heavy duty diff & wheels, and riding on large BF Goodrich Mud Mk2 rubber.  The same tires sit under the camping trailer in the back, which comes with an elevated tent (with accessing ladder), as well as a complete camping cooking set, water can, plus other life essentials."