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2013 Land Rover D90

“We’ve feature aplenty from Cool & Vintage, stylized as COOLNVINTAGE, and for good reason. First of all, their custom jobs are pretty sick, and if you ever end up in Lisbon, it’d be a sin not to least stop by their workshop.

Cool & Vintage’s latest handiwork puts a 2013 Land Rover D90 on the chopping block, where it loses its signature rear shell. Don’t worry, though. When Cool & Vintage taketh away, it also giveth. The D90 in question sports Marshall wireless speakers and an updated A/C unit, just two creature comforts that make this ride a modern-day pleasure. And since it’s still a Land Rover D90 at its core, you’ll find the well-designed principles still intact.”

1983 Land Rover Series III

“Land Rover fans should be no stranger to Cool & Vintage, a Portugal-based company that restores a number of models from the globally iconic car brand. Its latest handiwork is the 1983 Land Rover Series 3 SUV.

The restoration process involved disassembling then rebuilding the four-liter V8 engine and transmission. What’s more, the chassis, gearbox, and the remaining mechanical parts. Cool & Vintage restored everything to factory-new condition, to be clear. Suffice it to say that Cool & Vintage left nothing untouched, and although the car retains its classic design from decades past, everything is practically new.

The folks at Cool & Vintage revamped the iconic frame with a fresh new Tangerine Orange paint job. That gives it a level of luster that goes in perfect tandem with the black leather interior and accents. This is perhaps one of the rarest Land Rovers you will ever have the chance of owning, and would be a lovely new addition to any collector’s vintage restorations roster.”

Blacked-out 1979 Land Rover Series III Defender

“There’s no school like the old school” is a quote that retro automobile lovers out there believe wholeheartedly. Cool N Vintage, a company based in Lisbon, Portugal, embraces the idea, which led them down the path of automotive restoration. Even though its portfolio suggests that it has done work on various types of vehicles, its passion is clearly dedicated to a particular British classic.

Professionally-rebuilt Land Rover Series 3 Defenders appear to be its area of expertise and a recently finished beauty, in particular, caught our eye. This one is dressed entirely in black and it looks menacing in all the right places. Everything you see outside and inside this “Blacked-Out” version is meticulously shaded to match the theme. Furthermore, the matte finish appropriately applied to its surfaces definitely makes its cooler than high-gloss variants.”

Land Rover Defender D90

“Portugal’s custom rebuilders Cool & Vintage have just delivered another master build from their workshop.  They like to envision the colors of a vehicle first and use that to compliment changes from the original.  This newest gem is a 2008 Land Rover Defender D90 ($Inquire) they flawlessly finished in Keswick Green.

This finely reworked Land Rover still has the luxuriously powerful Puma engine under the hood.  A set of heavy duty BF Goodrich all terrain tires give it a manly, military look that we all love.  As for the interior, it has been tricked out in a finished cream upholstery that matches the canvas roof.

While not forthcoming about all the details of the build, with this Defender D90 on their list of accomplishments, Cool & Vintage is putting its mark on the bespoke aftermarket world of custom vehicles. “


Land Rover Series III Lwb

"Since its introduction shortly after World War II, the Land Rover has become a cherished icon of British practicality and style.  Designed for both heavy work and casual driving, the Land Rover had originally been planned as a short-term production vehicle to get through the post-war rationing. It proved so popular, however, that it was soon outselling every other model vehicle available.

Restored Land Rovers have become very popular and coveted, and the beauty you see here is no exception.  A restomod of a 1982 model that was already in pristine condition (no rust, no welding), the Land Rover Series III LWB by Cool & Vintage ($ Inquire) has been stripped down to to bare chassis and had every detail carefully checked, restored or replaced when reassembled."



1982 Land Rover Series III + Camping Trailer

"The 1982 Land Rover Series 3 ($Inquire) you see here is hands-down the ultimate adventure vehicle.  It is fully equipped with everything you need to explore and survive live like a king in the wilderness. Fully restored and ready for off-road use, this Landy packs a Defender 2.5 litre diesel Tdi, with a 5 speed transmission, power steering assembly, 4 disk brakes, heavy duty diff & wheels, and riding on large BF Goodrich Mud Mk2 rubber.  The same tires sit under the camping trailer in the back, which comes with an elevated tent (with accessing ladder), as well as a complete camping cooking set, water can, plus other life essentials."