The CoolnVintage 1983 Land Rover Defender ‘Petrol V8’

“CoolnVintage are all about the journey, taking in vintage Land Rovers, disassembling and restoring each part, adding their creative flair, and then rebuilding. Building about 10 Land Rovers a year, each taking around 6 months to complete, it’s clear that Ricardo, the founder, lives for the journey. 

While we've all seen a number of custom Defenders ten times over, but no one does it quite like CoolnVintage. Well, this week, they've gone one step better with their latest creation, a 1983 Land Rover Defender Petrol V8.”

Drivable Art: CoolNVintage and Vasco Costa's Land Rover 110

“What happens when art and automotive collide? We could look to Alexander Calder’s BMW 3.0 CSL that raced in Le Mans 1975. We could also look the Keith Haring’s 1971 Series 3 Land Rover. Now, we can look to Vasco Costa to continue this trend.

In collaboration with CoolNVintage Lisbon, Vasco Costa painted the chassis of this Land Rover 110, one of the first to roll off the assembly line in 1983. Why paint the chassis? Well, art doesn’t have to be worn or emblazoned on the side of a car to be appreciated. Costa and CoolNVintage believe that just being in the presence of art should suffice.”

A First Look At The Tangerine Orange Land Rover by Cool & Vintage

“Resplendent in unmissable Tangerine Orange, a classic Land Rover 110 has been rescued from the crushers' yard by the fastidious Land Rover obsessives Cool & Vintage of Lisbon. This one-off creation is remarkable not only for its exterior hue, but for the quality of this nut and bolt rebuild.

Even the most committed petrolhead could have been forgiven for dismissing the basis of this stunning project as fit only for recycling. This long wheelbase Land Rover had patently led a hard life. Its bonnet, engine and front wings were missing.

Where others saw a wreck, Cool & Vintage saw a challenge. The Land Rover was welcomed into their compact Lisbon workshop, a place that applies the finest of Portuguese craftsmanship to Solihull’s most famous export.”

1979 Land Rover Series 3 Defender Black By Cool & Vintage

“Stealth fighter means Land Rover in this stunningly restored 1979 Series 3 Defender. The work of obsessive Lisbon Defender transformers Cool & Vintage, The Black Defender is now for sale.

This minimal one-of-a-kind Defender was hand built in black on black on black six years ago. Exterior finish is matte, with chunky off road tyres. The spare rides on the nose, which hides the 2.2 litre diesel lugger.

The interior has been re-trimmed in black vinyl, with no concessions to anyone expecting plush SUV style luxury. All hints of chrome trim have been removed and replaced by black items. New soft top? Black.

The exterior has been comprehensively debadged, with but a single – monochrome – Land Rover badge remaining on the grille. Discreet Cool & Vintage decals have been applied to the rear wings, as a reminder to on-lookers that this is no ordinary Defender that they’re Instagramming.”

The Matte Black 1979 Land Rover Series III Built For Any Beach Trip

”Combining a traditional aesthetic with new materials, the Land Rover Series III by restoration house CoolnVintage is made for exploring new horizons, just in time for summer. This custom model of the timeless 4x4 is the ultimate vehicle for visiting the coastline.

CoolnVintage admit that this 1979 Land Rover Series III won’t be the only car in your garage, but it will be the one through which you experience the most. That’s because the Land Rover keeps its iconic form but it has been enhanced through styling and practicality. The restoration house completely stripped the vehicle down to its bare bones, offering a new lease of life by restoring the few parts that were worn, and cleaning all of the components that were still in working condition.”