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The Cool & Vintage Land Rover Defender ‘Heritage’ Edition

“The Lisbon, Portugal based classic automobile specialty house appropriately named Cool & Vintage is making a splash in the classic car market. With a knack for sourcing enthusiast aimed vehicles and refinishing them with meticulous attention to detail, it’s no wonder the adventure advocates at C&V are now offering a limited run of special edition Land Rover Defenders called the “Heritage.

After moving a number of restored Land Rover Series and Defender models, C&V have decided to produce a batch of Land Rover Defenders that reverberate the brand’s ethos: “If life’s about the journey not the destination, isn’t it about time you hit the road? Turn off the TV and do that road trip. Feel the drive unfold into a thousand stories, stick your tongue out, push the boundaries, make memories, take a chance and tell us about it."



Buy This Land Rover And Leave Everything Behind

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Don’t get me wrong, technology is tremendous. It’s benefited most in a positive way. Without the envelope constantly being pushed, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It can be a bit nauseating, though. Some of us are attached to a computer, tablet, or smartphone constantly—I’m guilty here."