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Each build takes 6 months to be completed   |   Completely disassembled down to its chassis

1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship are invested   |   Nothing is left untouched

A certificate of authenticity is issued with every build

Coolnvintage+Land+Rover+D90-8 copy.jpg

Engine, gearbox and all mechanical parts are also fully disassembled

Chassis is rebuilt to factory spec and coated   |   Parts are repaired to factory new condition

Coolnvintage Land Rover Box-96.jpg

Engine, transmission and gearbox, are fully overhauled   |   Wiring is restored or fitted new

All mechanical parts are inspected   |   Nothing is left untouched

Coolnvintage Land Rover S3 Chassi-19.jpg

All body panels are stripped down to bare aluminium   |   We often hand beat bare sheets of aluminium to create new panels

Several coats of primer are applied   |   High-gloss or matte paint finish is applied


New suspensions are fitted   |   All hard components are powder coated

Shocks, bearings and bushings are replaced   |   New braking system is fitted (pads, rotors, seal and gasket,   wheel bearings, callipers, etc)

New fuel tank and fuel lines are fitted

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Comfort is a must so you can choose a wide varity of finishings

From the finnest leather to the highest technical fabrics and canvas each cabin and soft top is sitched to perfection


All body, glasswork and interior is completly reassembled   |   New lights all around

Zinc plated parts are assembled   |   The Cool & Vintage Handmade in Lisbon aluminium signture plaques are fitted 

A certificate of autenticithy is issued to ensure the company's quality criteria have been met