Land Rover D90 HERITAGE

"It is said three out of every four ever built are still on the road, somewhere in the world. It won’t be the only car in your garage, but it will be the one through which you will experience the most. It will enrich your life, your friends or your family. And all this in one of the most perfect pieces of industrial design the world has yet seen.” As Michael Harvey from the Telegraph well put it. This 2003 Diesel 2500cc 5 Speed Land Rover is finished in a Stunning Capuccino, High Quality Glasurit Paint with Connolly Brown Trim and Beige Raffia Carpets. A Premium Quality Mohair Brown Hood was especially handmade for this Defender. 5 brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires on Heavy Duty Wheels. The Land Rover is said to be the coolest and most photographic 4×4 ever."