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1983 Land Rover V8 Suv

“It's well-known in style circles that you can't go wrong with a touch of black. Lisbon-based customizers Cool & Vintage have taken that mantra to the extreme with their latest creation, an all-black, V8-powered 1983 Land Rover. 1983 was the first year of Defender production, although the model wouldn't carry the Defender name until 1990. A complete teardown resulted in Fox suspension, LED lighting, and a black canvas top. A wireless Marshall sound system keeps the best-of-Britain vibe and goes perfectly with the new black leather interior. Fully restored and ready to drive, this piece of British motoring history is ready for its next home.”


Coolnvintage N77 Land Rover Defender Suv

“Automobiles are a combination of art and science — with the art being the bodywork. CoolNVintage turned that idea on its head with its Build 77 Art Defender, a three-month project in collaboration with Lisbon-based artist Vasco Costa. Costa lent his street art-inspired skills to the chassis, while CoolNVintage took care of the body, drivetrain, and interior.”



1983 Land Rover Series 3 Suv

"In 1979, the Land Rover Series III went into production. Land Rover had been getting outclassed in it's bread-and-butter markets of Africa, Australia, and the Middle East mostly by Toyota's Land Cruiser with its nearly-unbreakable inline six motor. The answer came by using the 3.5-liter V8 engine and four-speed transmission from the Range Rover — stage one in the British government's plan to get Land Rover back to profitability and leading to the Stage One nickname. Cool & Vintage has restored this rare Land Rover back to better-than-new condition, featuring a rebuilt four-liter V8 and transmission and gorgeous Tangerine Orange paint over a new black leather interior. Eligible for import into the US, this is one of the rarest Land Rovers you can find and ready for another few decades worth of service.



1971 Land Rover Series 2A

"Recently restored, this 1971 Land Rover Series 2A is a fine example of one of the most iconic offroaders of all time. The truck is outfitted with a diesel engine, a four-speed gearbox, Wolf wheels, a black mohair canvas hood, black vinyl seats, and a few modern interior upgrades, including a USB charging port. Arriving in the same shade of orange that it was special ordered in, it's in great shape, whether you plan on driving it casually or taking it on adventures worthy of its heritage."



1979 Land Rover Series III

"The Series III might be more common than its predecessors, but that doesn't make this 1979 Land Rover Series III any less compelling. Completely restored, it's clad in a sand paint job, with "limestone" wheels, a matching sand canvas top, and black vinyl seats. It's powered by a 2.25 L diesel engine mated to a four-speed gearbox and linked to Rover's legendary four wheel drive system, and features three fold-down bench seats in the rear, as well as two full-size spares should anything go awry on the trail."



Land Rover Series III Adventuremobile

"Even after more than 30 years, the Land Rover Series III remains one of the best looking SUVs around. This Land Rover Series III Adventuremobile was fully restored to Defender TDI specs, with a 2500cc engine, 5-speed transmission, and BF Goodrich Mud MK2 tires that are ready to eat anything in their path. It also comes with a full set camping trailer complete with a ladder and tent to escape from the elements. One of the best options for your next weekend getaway, but unfortunately not able to be exported to the US."